The Funeral

It was early in the morning in the  middle of the week and the church hall was beginning to fill with mourners.

It was a trite and sad situation, a young man had been killed while riding in a car  with a friend who had been drinking. .  Inside the church hall the usual pleasantries were exchanged among the mourners  when they spoke, the hush tone of their voices began to create a loud drone in the church hall.

She saw me and walked up to me and said ” Hi,how are you?, haven’t seen you in a long time”, it was the younger sister of one of my friends from Jr. High.  I strained to hear and understand her as she spoke, “I worked with his dad at Walls department store” she said.  She was four years younger than me and ten to fifteen years older than the deceased.

She had driven herself to show her support for the family of an old co-worker.  She  recounted the many evils of drinking and driving and  I leaned closer to her as she spoke, her breath was tainted with the smell of alcohol.

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